Friday, December 16, 2011

LEED Professionals: Don't Let Your Credential Expire; Remember to Renew Every Two Years

William Nutt
Associate, Marketing and Communications
U.S. Green Building Council

You know the hard work and dedication of time it took to earn your LEED Professional credential. It’s important to remember that there is also a renewal process every two years. Renewing your LEED credential renews your sense of personal accomplishment as well as your commitment to green building and continued contribution to the sustainability movement.

The Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) was crafted with input from those in the green building industry and is designed to broaden and deepen your scope of knowledge within the field of green building on a continual basis. Maintenance requirements allow for credentials to stay relevant and maintain a professional’s credibility and competitive edge.

In a recent survey, 85% of current LEED credential holders say that having the LEED credential gives them a competitive edge and credibility in their field of work; 92% say it indicates a greater commitment to green building; and 97% say it supports their professional development.

LEED Professional credentials require renewal every two years through this simple three-step process:
  1. Complete your specified number of continuing education (CE) hours in a variety of flexible ways. As you earn them, report your CE hours under My Credentials at
  2. Upon reporting enough hours to fulfill CMP requirements, click “Renew My Credential,” a blue button in your my Credentials account.
  3. If you are eligible to renew your credential, you will be prompted to pay your $50 renewal fee and your credential will be renewed for two years.
Here are a few simple continuing education activities to help you earn your hours, many of which you likely engage in regularly:
  1. Contribute to LEED projects
  2. Author articles and/or books about green building
  3. Earn related credentials, licenses and/or certificates
  4. Attend live presentations
  5. Conduct a self-study
LEED Professionals who opt out of CMP will forfeit their credentials. If you ask me, the expansive benefits of renewal are too good to let go.

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  3. How early can I pay the renewal fee for my credential? For example, if I received my credential in Jan 2017 and it "expires" Jan 2019 and I made the $85 renewal payment now (Jan 2018), will the next time I need to pay the $85 be 2 years from payment date (so Jan 2020), or after the 2 years from my "expiration" date (so Jan 2021)? Will the new payment/CMP period run from payment date or from original expiration dates?