Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, LEED!

Brendan Owens, LEED AP, P.E.
Vice President, LEED Technical Development
U.S. Green Building Council

12 years, 12,000 commercial projects. Don’t forget to raise a pint or stick a candle in that cupcake to celebrate the market force that is green building - and of course, to celebrate all of the amazing, thoughtful, ground-breaking projects that have brought us here. We'd love if you share your favorite LEED project in celebration of this milestone in the comments.

Happy birthday LEED!


  1. Of course, the favorites are my children. I recently completed the BendBroadband Vault project in Bend Oregon which certified at Gold level a few months ago. So of course it wouldn't be fair of me to say any other project is my favorite.

  2. Viewpoint's headquarters in Portland OR