Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Influence the Future of USGBC: Nominate and Elect the 2013 Board of Directors

Gail VittoriLEED Fellow
Co-Director, Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems
Chair, 2013 Nominating Working Group
Vice-Chair, 2012 GBCI Board of Directors
Chair, 2009 USGBC Board of Directors

What an exciting time it is to be a part of our USGBC community! The green building movement is growing so fast in breadth and depth, workforce supply can’t keep pace; LEED 2012, with its shift to building performance, is once again raising the bar for sustainable development; and USGBC chapters across the country continue to inspire with remarkable achievements.

To be sure, this is a transformational time for the U.S. Green Building Council—a turning point that will influence the future of the organization and the broader green building movement.

One of the key opportunities for USGBC member organizations in guiding USGBC’s strategic direction is with the nomination and election of the 2013 Board of Directors—underway NOW!

The 60-day call for nominations began May 16 and concludes July 16, with six open perspective seats:
  • Facility Management & Operations
  • Developer/Real Estate Services
  • Energy
  • Public Health/Healthcare
  • Educator (Post-Secondary)
  • Site Designer (One-Year Term)

Each perspective, recommended by the Nominating Working Group and approved by the Board of Directors, enables USGBC to broaden, deepen and diversify its strategic position and influence. Please review the general and specific criteria; if you are interested and qualified, nominate yourself and encourage qualified colleagues and industry peers to do the same. The Nominating Working Group will verify compliance of each nomination and then select the two to four most qualified nominees representing each perspective.

The election, lasting 30 days or until quorum is achieved, opens September 3. All full-time employees of USGBC member organizations are qualified to vote. So when the time comes, I encourage you to exercise your privilege and cast your vote to elect the 2013 USGBC Board of Directors. With your thoughtful participation, we will leverage today’s momentum to ensure the continued advancement of our shared mission.

Thank you!

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